Skin Care or Skin Scare

Skin Care or Skin Scare?

Is using skincare bad for you?


Do we clean ourselves too much?

Last week I listened to an interview on RNZ, in which Jesse Mulligan talked to Dr Sandy Skotnicki, who is a dermatologist from Toronto, Canada. She recently released a book about how we damage our skin by using soap. As traditional soaps and body washes have a high PH level, they remove the natural oil of our skin. That leaves us with a damaged Skin Barrier!

There are many added ingredients in our body washes, which have nothing to do with hygiene, but which are very bad for you! The same goes with Skin Care products! You would probably not expect to hear this from someone who is promoting Skin Care products, but unfortunately it is very true! This is why I see so many customers who come for a Skin Analysis only to find out that their Skin is damaged! Most of them never realised that this damage most likely is caused by the Skin Care Products they are using.

As Dr Sandy Skotnicki points out, by using the wrong products, we bring the Microbiome of our skin out of balance. The Microbiome is the culture of bacteria on and in our Skin, which (when healthy) plays an important part in the protection against infection!


Natural or not?

Dr Sandy Skotnicki has a clinic in Toronto and promotes medical procedures and disapproves the use of natural products. I must agree with her to a certain extend about more natural products, that there are products out there on the market which claim to be more natural but are not necessarily good for you! I do not think though, that she has ever come across the Artistry brand.

Let me explain. Why do we clean ourselves? Why do we use Skin Care products? Clearly the #1 answer here is, to protect yourself from nasty gritters, who want to harm your body! Either on our skin or either by entering our body through our skin to cause harm on any area of our body! To fight of these gritters, it is important to have a healthy, clean skin, which will protect you!


What can you do to protect yourself?

Our Skin cells have a lifespan of 2 weeks. That is, when we are young! However, when in our 20’s, the renewing process of our Skin Cells start to slow down! The older we get, the longer the process takes, the more dead Skin Cells accumulate on our Skin, the higher the risk we have of infection! This means that it is important to cleans your Skin, but without damaging the natural, protective system in your Skin.

And that is why we see such great results with our Artistry Skin Transformation Program! The Skin Care products of Artistry are natural, they remove your Skin’s surface from pollutants and dead Skin Cells. And more than that, they stimulate the natural process in the Skin which renews your Skin┬áCells! This means your protective layer is more healthier to fight against infection. A more radiant and younger looking Skin is of course a bonus on top or that!