Health care


Taking care of yourself starts with having the right lifestyle habits! Food and excercise are a big part if this. Eating the right food (real food) at the right time and in the right proportions, makes a big difference in getting your body into the optimal shape you deserve!

Here at Aurora, we offer a program based on 3 key elements;

  • Eat well
  • Exercise (does not necessarily include a gym membership)
  • Supplement

Producing the best supplements begins with the best ingredients. That is why we work with Nutriway, a company who has his own certified organic farms, who delivers the best natural source for plant concentrates, rich in nutrients and minerals.It all starts with a healthy, rich and nutritious soil. No chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers are used in the process. For more info go to

As I have followed the program myself and got the result I wanted, I know exactly how difficult it is to make the decision to start. I found once I started the program, that it was not half as difficult as I had expected it to be. After finishing the program, I felt so much better and fitter, I had gained in confidence and I had a lot more self-esteem! Today I am a totally different person and very happy with who I am!



Health/Weight-loss consultation 30min

During this consultation our consultant will talk to you about;

  • Why and what you want/need to change in your life
  • Health problems you experience
  • Medication you currently take
  • Family history
  • Changes you can make
  • Option of our Health Programs

At the end of this session your will receive your own personalized recommendation for how you can improve your health and welbeing.




Health/Weight-loss coaching

Congratulations on deciding on making a change and to invest in you! To keep you motivated and on track, it is important to measure your progress. That is why weekly meetings with your coach are essential! The Health/Weightloss coaching includes;

  • Weekly meeting of 30min. to discuss any problems and successes you have
  • Weekly weight-in
  • 7-day support by phone, text, message or email between 9am – 7pm

(Please note that price is for 1 weekly session of 30min)




Health Program

No 2 people are the same. And so the program which will be best for you will depend on your age, sex, your lifestyle, your habbits, your physical health, etc.  The program we recommend to you will be designed around you and what will give you the best result!

In your recommendation we will give you the costs for;

  • weekly meetings for coaching
  • products to support your program
  • tools you need to achieve the best result



As agreed with you