Do they really work?

Motivated by tradition and because “everyone” around you will have New Year’s Resolutions and they will ask for yours, most of us come up with ‘something” they will improve on this coming year. Quite smoking, drink less alcohol, exercise more, spend more time with friends and family and of course the big one; LOSE WEIGHT! Why do we do it, when around 90% of us, will forget about their good intentions within the first 6 month of the year? Why do we torture ourselves year after year with making promises which we already know we won’t be able to keep at the moment that we make them? We have said that we are going to lose that extra weight for the last 10 years at the 1st of January and never managed to really do it, but this year it is going to be different! Will it? Not for me!

So why does it work for a small group of people? The answer is simple, because they are not motivated by the time of the year, but because they have made a conscious decision! And that is the key here! It doesn’t matter if you start your weight loss journey on the 1st of January, the 14th of February or on the 24th of July. You need to be motivated by a decision that you have made! A decision which is fuelled by a big desire to lose weight, because of 1 or more reasons why it would be good for you to lose the weight!

Why New Year’s resolutions don’t work

Go for a walk through your neighbourhood and see how many (overweight) people are out for a walk in their new fitness gear!  Great Christmas gifts, but how long until it all ends up in the wardrobe, never to come out again! These people unfortunately only end up with another disappointment about not following through! Who knows, maybe next year? I could of course easily put a list out here and give you directions about how you might be able to stick with your resolutions, but I am not going to! The reason why, is that I know that if you started on another diet without really having made the decision to lose weight, you will not stick with any recommendations I put up in this blog! Believe me, I am talking out of personal experience here! Let me show you;

How did I do it?

This was me a couple of years ago, when I did make the decision to do something about my health. This is what it looks like to go from a size 14 to a size 8!

Okay, I admit, I didn’t start in January. The point I try to make is though, that it is all about being in the right headspace! It then took me 3 cycles of 6 weeks of HealthPointe 2.0 to lose 15kg! With the weight gone, I gained a lot more energy and a lot of niggly, annoying little discomforts disappeared! Further benefits were that I felt a lot more confident with my body, with who I am and I believed a lot more in what I am capable of (resulting in starting my own business)!

The knowledge I gained over the past years about the HealthPointe 2.0 program, about healthy living, healthy eating habits, the importance of supplements, etc. is what I use to help other people who make that conscious decision that today is the day that they want to change their life! Most of my knowledge comes from my own experience, so I know what you are going through.

The decision for you to make today is to book a free consultation with me and together we’ll set out how you can achieve your goals, your New Year’s resolutions as well! See you soon!