And why is it so important for you?

What is it about metabolism, that make it so important for our health? To start with, what is metabolism and what does it do? Metabolism is the energy (or kilojoules) your body uses to function. Just like a car needs fuel to run, your body needs energy.

You might have heard about the term; resting metabolism. This means the amount of energy which your cells and organs need to work and to keep you breathing. Most of your energy is spent on your resting metabolism. Another part of your energy is used when we eat, and when we digest our food. The remaining energy is burned when we move or exercise.

Can we change our metabolic rate?

Factors that influence our metabolic rate are;

  • Muscle mass; Your muscles use 4 times more energy that your fat tissue.
  • Age; As we get older, our muscle mass decreases and because of that, our metabolic rate slows down.
  • Gender; As men have more muscle mass, their metabolic rates tends to be faster than that of women.
  • Genes; There are those people who are lucky enough to just have a faster metabolic rate.
  • Diet; Having the right diet can increase your metabolic rate.

It is very important to keep an eye on your metabolic rate when you want to lose weight. Here are some reasons why a “crash diet” does not work;

  • As you eat less, your body gets less energy and responds with going into survival mode. What this means is, that your body wants to hold onto its fat stores because it doesn’t know when more food (and so energy) will become available. Instead of fat, your body will use your muscle mass to get enough energy.
  • Another responds your body has, is to release hormones that trigger your appetite for high-energy food (the ones provided by fast-food outlets!)
  • A crash diet will also slow down your metabolic rate, so when you start to eat normal again, the weight you have just lost (and often more), will be back in no time!

A better option for losing weight, is a diet (like HealthPointe 2.0) which shows you how you can change your habits around healthy eating, your lifestyle and exercise. In combination with the right supplements, you will be able to keep your metabolic rate in good shape, which in its turn makes for a healthy body!